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Expo Time

Tina and I decided to meet (conveniently at Whole Foods) so we could drive downtown to the race expo together. The GPS took us in such a way that we went right through downtown where a St. Patrick’s Day parade/festival was going on. It literally took us 45+ minutes to go five miles. After what seemed like an eternity, we parked at the Georgia World Congress Center.

#Downtown Atlanta#

Since I’ve run this race every year since it started in 2007, I got to stand in a special Streaker line to pic up my race bib.

#streaker line#

In addition to getting a red bib instead of a green one (I think they were green), I also got a cool hat.

#streaker hat#

Tina and I wandered around the expo for a bit, grabbing random free samples.

#larabar samples#

#soymilk and bread#

There was even meat, although we passed on that. The people working for Publix seemed to get a kick out of me taking a picture of it though.


In a corner, we found the Chobani Cho-mobile, which was probably the most popular thing at the expo. Tina had been talking to Lindsay from Chobani, so we wanted to find her. There she is!

#Tina and Lindsay from Chobani#

Lindsay hooked us up with yogurt. Seriously, look at this!


I think there were ten in there! And also, a side effect of working in the promotional products industry is that you note what brand of bag they came in. Gemline if you were wondering. Although I’m sure you were not.

We stayed at the expo for about an hour before heading back to our cars. We ended up running into Lindsay (blogging Lindsay not Chobani Lindsay) as we were walking out the door. Yes, I realize this is not a picture of Lindsay, but you can pretend and I have one of her from the next day anyway.

#lee and tina#

Since we parked at Whole Foods, I decided that’s where I’d get my dinner from. Most people eat pasta the day before a race, I eat kale. Although I stuck a bit of pasta in there for good measure.

#Whole Foods dinner#

The rest of the night was spent preparing for my early 4:55 am wake-up call.

Charles Harris 10K – A PR!

My friends Erin and Baha, Jamie and Dave, Andrew and Katharine and I have a monthly (or we try to make it monthly) dinner club. Each month a one of the couples picks the restaurant. We ended up taking a long hiatus for various reasons but re-convened last night at Jamie and Dave’s choice – Chateau de Saigon.

I’d actually been wanting to try this place because a former co-worker of mine who is Vietnamese recommended it. It didn’t disappoint. Jason and I split the vegetable soup (we opted for the vegetarian broth) to start out. This was only so-so. It was on the bland side. For my entree, I got the stir-fried tofu with vegetables, while Jason had some sort of combination clay pot platter. The dishes were HUGE. Tons of food. Mine was basically a lot of fried tofu with some bok choy in a sauce. I’m not usually much for fried foods but I love fried tofu, so I was happy. I don’t eat it often, so I figure it’s okay every once in a while.

After dinner, we headed home, since I had an early wake up call for the Charles Harris 10K. I ended up waking up at 5:55, 5 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. I was a little worried about the sudden cold front that’d moved in, but knew that I’d be fine once I started running.

Remember when I said that I was going to make pancakes before the race? Yeah, right. Even when I typed that I knew that the likelihood of me making pancakes at 6 am was slim to none. So I had my usual instead.

#Pre Face Food#

The coffee did it’s job, if you know what I mean, before I left the house, so that was nice. I can’t tell you how many pre-race portapotties I’ve been in. Sorry, TMI?

I left the house at about 6:45 am. The start of the race is only about a mile from my house but it’s a point to point race, so I had to drive to the finish line and take the shuttle to the start. I met up with Kristy, who was also doing the race, right away.

Once we got the school, where the race started, I got my number and met up with Lindsay.

#Charles Harris bib#

I’ve done this race twice in the past, so I’m familiar with the course (plus, it’s by my house). I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not a pretty course at all. It’s a straight shot down a 4-lane highway basically. But it’s mostly flat, by Atlanta standards at least, and that’s more important to me than nice scenery.

The other nice thing about this race is at every mile marker, there’s a big digital clock displaying the time. I didn’t bring my Garmin, so it was nice to see my pace. I got to the first mile marker at 8:55. Way too fast! The funny thing was, I didn’t feel like I was running especially fast, so I figured I’d just go with it.

I maintained a 9 minute mile pace for the first three miles. Then came the big hill. It was gradual, but there was a definite uphill in the third or fourth mile. On top of slowing down for that, my shoelace became untied. Nevertheless, I was still maintaining a 9-something pace (although closer to ten).

Knowing the course is always really helpful to me and I knew that once we past the Mile 4 marker, it’d be downhill, with a somewhat steep downhill in the 5th mile. I tried to pick up the pace again once I got there.

The last half mile of the race is sort of a tease. You run right by the parking lot where you’ve parked and know the finish line is near, but have to go through a neighborhood for a while to get to it. I felt myself slowing down a bit, but I didn’t feel too bad and when I passed the 6 mile marker, I was happy to see that it read 56 something and I knew that I could achieve and possibly beat my 58 minute goal.

I ended up crossing the finish line with a clock time of 57:30 and later found out my chip time was 57:15! This is a 10K PR by a least a minute for me!

#Charles Harris shirt#

Afterward, I meant to go home and take a nap, but the day got away from me and I went to the movies and dinner with a friend instead. Now I’m absolutely exhausted and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in bed by 9pm!

(Kristy and Lindsay kicked ass in this race too.)

Atlanta Underground Market – Brunch Version

Yesterday, I went to the Atlanta Underground Market with Laura, her friend Felix, Heather and her husband Kirk. The Atlanta Underground Market is a monthly event where 30-40 different vendors, mostly home cooks and small businesses, sell their goods to people that otherwise might not get the chance to try them. The location is revealed in an email the day before the event. The entrance fee is $5 and the dishes are anywhere from $1-$5 each and are of various sizes.

Even though this event is somewhat secretive, a lot of people seem to be in the know and there was a line around the building to get in.

#Line at the Atlanta Undergroudn Market#

Fortunately, it moved fast once people were let inside. I’d been to the Underground Market once before, but this time was different because this month they focused on brunch foods. Now, truth be told, I’m not the biggest brunch fan. Don’t get me wrong; I like it just fine, but it’s not my favorite meal of the day. That said, I was still excited to try some new foods. And new foods I did try!

First were some gluten-free pancakes from Dr. Sweets Cake Emporium. Laura and I split an order of two and tried both the apple-jalapeno jelly and the raspberry lime jelly.

#Dr. Sweets Gluten-Free Pancakes#

Next was a Bloody Maria mini cupcake from S’more cupcakes. Sounds kind of weird, but tasted delicious. It was savory, despite looking like it’d be sweet.


After the savory cupcake, it was time for another sweet treat, this time in the form of a Strawberry Margarita cookie from Cookie Underground. These cookies actually contain vegetables (this one was Lime Beet thin with Tequila Strawberry Cream rolled in Turbinado Sugar, to be exact). You would never know it though, because they were delicious.

#Cookie Underground Strawberry Margarita Cookie#

After stopping at a few tables, we wandered around some to see our options. Last month was the first time I went to the Atlanta Underground Market and I didn’t have a strategy. I ended up buying the first five or so things that I saw and got too full to try some other things. This time, I knew that I needed to conserve my hunger until I figured out all my options.

Here’s an option that I didn’t try…

#Dad's Nads#

…it’s what you think it is.

We decided to wait in line for the most popular item in the market – arepas from Arepa Mia. Last month, I opted to not wait in the very long line for an arepa, but after hearing everyone rave about them, I decided that it was time to try them. We waited in line for at least half an hour before making our way to the front.

#Arepas from Arepa Mia Atlanta#

I was sort of worried that they might run out of the vegetarian arepas, but fortunately, they did not.

#vegetarian arepa mia#

After that, we were tired and full and we parted our separate ways. My separate way included to my bed, where I spent the next two hours in a food coma. Well worth it though!

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