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Green Market on Main

One of the things that I don’t really like about where I live is that it’s not particularly walkable.  Sure, there are nice neighborhoods with sidewalks, so it’s not bad in that respect, but as far as actually walking to a destination, it’s not so great.  There is a small downtown area, about a mile away, but there’s not much there, and, aside from an okay bar, not much to walk to.  So, I got sort of excited when I saw a sign saying that every Sunday morning, they were going to set up a Green Market.

Green market sign

Jason, Murphy and I decided to walk up to the market and explore. You wouldn’t think I lived only a few miles outside of Atlanta.  Looks like total small town, doesn’t it?

Green market tucker

This was the first weekend of the market and, although there weren’t a ton of stalls, there were enough people there that I think there’s some potential for it to become larger as the summer goes on.  Plus, King of Pops was there. You know it’s a legit market or festival when King of Pops is there.

King of pops

Obviously, we had a popsicle.  I had Pineapple Habenero and Jason had Mango Lassi.

King of pops popsicle

The pineapple was good, but it could have had some more habenero.  I couldn’t really taste the spice.

Murphy jason

There was only one stand that had produce.



The rest of the booths had things like quinoa (we bought some), salsas, hummus, dog treats, organic biscotti, things of that nature.  I hope that in the future, they have more fruits and veggies.  I think they will.

We had a good time, but someone had an even better time.

Murphy belly rub

Is there a farmer’s market near you?

Cleansing Food

After a very indulgent weekend of food and wine, I felt pretty bloated and gross. So I went to the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of green fruits and vegetables. I actually didn’t realize that nearly everything I bought was green until I got home.


Green apples, broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, kale, avocados, spinach that you can’t see and limes. I think my body was subconsciously telling me something, that it needed cleansing food. I also got some red grapes, but they didn’t go with the green theme.

I know that some people rely on greasy food to combat a hangover, but I honestly find myself craving healthy food, especially vegetables when I’ve had too much to drink the night before. When I used to go out a lot, I would often get a Whole Foods salad the next morning while all my friends were getting Chik Fil-A or Waffle House. I never said I was normal. It works for me.

I wanted to get some of those chia muffins while I was at the market, but they were out. Guess I shouldn’t go on Sunday nights. Next time.

I did, however, get the ingredients to make veggie burgers and corn for tonight. I originally thought about grilling them, but by the time we got home from the gym and showered and everything, it was already 8 so we just baked the veggie burgers and corn. I used Mama Pea’s veggie burger recipe and followed it to the T.


With the burgers, we had a side of corn. I coated the corn with 1/2 tbsp melted Earth Balance, lime juice, chili powder and salt, wrapped them up in foil and baked them for 20 minutes. This was an easy and satisfying weeknight meal.

Long weekend this weekend! We’re actually going to Las Vegas. I’ve never been. Any recommendations?

Quality Time at the Farmer’s Market

I feel like lately, all I’ve been blogging about is Jason’s crappy work schedule. His schedule has been crappy since we met 4 years ago, so I’m not exactly sure why it’s been bothering me so much in the past couple months. I have to constantly tell myself that instead of feeling sorry for myself all the time, I have to make sure that we do get to spend quality time together when we can fit it in. Quality time doesn’t have to mean brunches or dinners out, sometimes it means going to the gym together and this morning, it meant going to a farmer’s market.

There’s a very small farmer’s market by my house, about 2 miles away. We went there a few weeks ago and while we came home with some stuff, I wanted to try a different, bigger one. Kristy suggested the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market which is about a 20 minute drive from my house.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get there until 11 and a lot of the produce was gone.


We managed to find some stuff though like my favorite Greek yogurt (25 cents cheaper than at Whole Foods).


The King of Pops was also there. I wasn’t in the mood for a popsicle but Jason had the Arnold Palmer.


We ended up with a loaf of Holeman & Finch Multi-grain bread, two Greek Yogurts and a quinoa mix that Jason liked.


It wasn’t a great haul, but it was nice to be out and about with Jason before he had to go to work.

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