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Our festival streak is officially over.  We had a good run.  I think we went to a festival like 6 weekends in a row.  And though we talked about making it 7, ultimately we decided to have a more laid-back Saturday.  We had lunch at the Marlay House (Jason’s Father’s Day request).  Though it’s an Irish Pub, it wasn’t too crowded with World Cup fans and we easily got a table.  And also, before you judge me for taking a baby to an Irish Pub, it’s not smoking and kid-friendly.

Alexander hung out in his car seat while we ate.

Alexander marlay house

I had a veggie burger and brussels sprouts and Jason had a real burger and fries.  No pictures, but you can imagine.  After we ate, we decided to go over to Piedmont Park for a while.  We had the stroller in the car, so it seemed like a good idea.

Piedmont park

What we failed to take into account was how hot it was outside.  The two of us were wearing jeans (and now that I think about it, Alexander was wearing pants too) and we were sticky and uncomfortable.  But it was a nice idea though, right?

Thanks for your comments on my last post.  We’re really glad the test results came back normal although our pediatrician seems sort of hell-bent that something is still wrong.  He wants us to meet with a geneticist anyway.  And so of course, my google-fu has led me to diagnose at least 5 syndromes that he could have that would have normal microarray results.  Because I’m a genetic doctor and all, right?

It never ends.

The Kid is Alright


The doctor called today.  Alexander’s microarray results came back and they were normal!  There’s a major weight lifted.  It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong because there’s a bunch of genetic syndromes that can’t be diagnosed via microarray but it’s really good that all of his chromosomes are there!

We think he is totally fine.

Meals We’ve Enjoyed

Remember once upon a time when this blog was food and workout focused?  Umm, yeah, that’s what happens when you have a kid.  I’m not saying I’m not into food and workouts still, because I am, but taking pictures of everything I make?  Aint nobody got time for that.  (Using a semi-antiquated pop culture reference – something else that happens when you have a kid.)

So even though I haven’t been taking many pictures (and retouching them in Photoshop like I used to?  That’s totally out.), I’m actually pretty proud of myself for the way I’ve been cooking and eating.  Meal planning is always something I struggled with.  I don’t know why.  It’s like I’d get really overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out what we’d eat and then end up not picking out anything, buying random stuff at the grocery store and not having anything for dinner.

So what I started doing was starting off with a list like this:

Monday – Meatless
Tuesday – Leftovers
Wednesday – Chicken
Thursday – Mexican
Friday – Pizza

And then from those categories, it seems easier to pick out recipes, make a grocery list and actually have things for dinner.  Thursday changes – sometimes it’s Asian – but the others tend to remain the same.

I guess I never really addressed the chicken thing.  Basically I didn’t really have a reason for not eating it.  I just didn’t.  I realized that if I did, it would open up a lot of options for meals that Jason and I could have together.  I still mostly eat vegetarian meals, but chicken does make a weekly or bi-weekly appearance.

Here’s some stuff that we enjoyed over the past week or two:

Salmon tomatoes

This was salmon baked in foil with marinated cherry tomato salad.  I have a really hard time making salmon at home.  While this was decent, salmon never tastes quite right when I cook it.  Suggestions?

Spinach artichoke chicken

This isn’t the best picture but this Spinach and Artichoke Dip Chicken was good too.

Baked ziti

And you can’t go wrong with Baked Ziti.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been eating.  Now maybe one day I’ll write about working out again.  Maybe.

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