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Alexander’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Alexander’s birthday this past Saturday.  All of his grandparents (my mom, my dad and stepmother and Jason’s parents) came down for the occasion.  In addition, we had about 25 other guests, mostly our friends, some with kids and some without.

I took Friday off to party plan.  The theme of the party was “birthday party.”  Eff these fancy Pinterest parties!  (Though you know I pinned a bunch of them!)  We got a bunch of appetizers from Costco and decorations and balloons from Party City.

IMG 7128

IMG 7129

IMG 7130

That brown stuff is Brownie Brittle and I think it has crack in it.  The cake was from Publix.  If you order a first birthday cake from them (it has to actually say 1st birthday in the icing), they give you a free smash cake for the baby.  The smash cake was actually really big.  I thought they’d just give him a cupcake or something.



He didn’t know what to do at first, but quickly put his hands into the cake.  Not sure how much of it he actually ate but he got it all over himself and had a good time.

#mylifein52 – Winter

So this might seem sort of like a cop out picture of winter, but my baby was born during the winter time, so in addition to cold weather and warm drinks, his birthday also signifies winter.  Okay, fine, I was too busy this weekend to think of anything else.


More birthday pictures to come!


I’m participating in a photography challenge called My Life in 52.  Each week there’s a theme and you have to take a picture to illustrate that theme.  I’ve tried these types of challenges before on a daily basis, and can never stick with it, but weekly seems more realistic.  I’m going to try to use my dSLR for the majority of these, though I took the first two on my phone.  Umm, oops?

Screen Shot 2015 01 16 at 8 49 41 AM

So for week number one the theme was home and I actually used the picture of Alexander and Murphy from my previous post.  Week number two is selfie and we all know that I’m kind of a pro at taking those.  Or maybe I’m just a narcissist.



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