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Cool Air

I haven’t been more excited for a Monday since, like, ever.  Before you think I’m completely crazy, it’s for one reason and one reason only:  air conditioning.  When I think about all my first-time homebuyer mistakes, buying a house with a nearly 30-year old AC is probably near the top.  (And that the roof is also that old, but knock on wood, it’s still okay.)  So our air conditioner went kaput two weeks ago and they are finally fixing it tomorrow.  I mean, it could have been worse.  We were on vacation for the entire week.  But still.  I live in Georgia.  With a baby.  And a hairy dog.

So I had to go back to work and catch up on 500 emails because I had all last week off and then I went to the gym at lunch but realized that I forgot pants in my workout bag so I left.  And I might have eaten way too many mini hershey bars.  But when I got home, there was cool air.  Sweet cool air.  Air that didn’t get thick and wet when I cooked.

So a few weeks ago, I bought this el cheapo spiralizer.  It works but you get a lot of the vegetable that’s un-spiralizable.  This was not that part.

Zucchini noodles

I turned this zucchini into Vegetarian Noodle Pad Thai. Not the prettiest dish, but really, really good.  I omitted the peanuts and added some Gardein fake chicken instead.  A better use of calories, if you ask me.

Pad thai

And now, if you excuse me, I’m going to lay under the covers and not sweat to death.

Last Weekend in Photos

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival!

Alex lee grant park

Family grant park

Jason alex grant park

Music grant park

Alex lee grant park2

Grant park

Last Week in Meals

Despite my lack of blogging, I actually have gotten pretty decent at meal planning.  Every Sunday I’ve been making a list of recipes for the week (mostly from Pinterest) and going grocery shopping for the ingredients.  That’s not to say that we don’t eat our fair share of frozen Trader Joe’s meals, because we definitely do, but despite having a 6-month old and working a full-time job, I somehow have managed to cook at least a little bit.  This was last week.

Salmon with Sriracha and Lime


with parsley pesto potatoes.

Pesto potatoes

The salmon was just okay but the potatoes were omg good.

We also had avocado black bean enchiladas.  Avocado, black beans and cheese – can’t go wrong with that combination, right?

Avocado enchiladas2

Avocado enchiladas

Chicken was on the menu too.  Chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms.

Chicken stew

I honestly thought this was bland, though Jason liked it.  Can’t win them all, I guess.

And tonight, I had ice cream and wine for dinner.  Like I said, can’t win them all.

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