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Candler Park Fall Fest 5K

A race recap.  Can you believe it?  Neither can I!  Jason, Alexander and I ran the Candler Park Fall Fall Fest 5K with our friends Heather, JP and Allston.

Photo 5


Photo 4

I haven’t really been running much.  I mean, every couple days I’ll run like 2 miles or so but I take walk breaks and haven’t really pushed myself at all.  That said, for some reason, I thought I could run a hilly 5K easily.  Spoiler:  it didn’t go that well.

Jason decided to let me run ahead and he’d take the running stroller.  I did fine for the first mile or so and then came the hills.  I swear, the last two miles of this race were like all uphill.  So I took walk breaks.  Lots of walk breaks.

Photo 1 copy

This was probably one of the slowest 5Ks I’ve ever run.  At least I knew it while I was running it.  I mean, I walked a lot.  It’s better than those races that you think you did really well but then when you see the finish line, you realize eh, not so much.

Lee running

I’ll just pretend that I ran the whole thing.

Afterward, we hung out at the festival for a while.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 5 copy

Maybe next time I should train a little more.

A New Addition

There’s a new addition in our house. No, not this one…

IMG 0292

(well, him too, I guess) but this one…

IMG 0291

I’ve been back at work for four weeks now. I’ve mostly figured out my routine and how to fit everything in in the evenings. But what I really was struggling with was fitting in a workout.

Alexander is too small for a jogging stroller. And since Jason works overnights and I’m on my own, I can’t exactly go to the gym or run outside before Alexander wakes up. I drop him off and pick him up from daycare. By the time we get home, it’s nearly 7pm. I guess I technically could go home, change my clothes and drive to the [crowded] gym while Jason hangs out with Alexander but that would have me making dinner at like 9pm. I mean, I could (and sometimes do) go to the gym on my lunch break but by the time I get there and change and stuff, I can really only fit in a 25 minute workout.

Finding the time to work out was even harder for Jason. Our routine is that he gets home from work at like 9 am. He goes to sleep around 11 or noon and is up when I get home with the baby. Logistically, he could go to the gym after he got off work, but working out gives him energy and he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep when he’s supposed to.

Anyway, that was a really long-winded way of saying that we got a treadmill and are working on converting our sun room (a room that we never knew what to do with anyway) into a home gym.

We found a used treadmill for a decent price on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. I know that some people buy gym equipment that turns into more of a coatrack, but I don’t think that’ll happen with me. I feel better after I work out. I was in a post-baby funk for a really long time, but I think working out has been extremely helpful in getting me out of it.

IMG 0290

Jason mounted a small tv on the wall so it’s just like being at the gym…only I have an audience.

IMG 0287

Running Again Sorta

I’m having some trouble blogging lately, if you haven’t noticed.  It’s not so much lack of time, though there is that, but it’s more lack of content.  When you’re working full-time and have a 3-month old, there’s not much else going on in life.  Actually, that’s not entirely true – I have been doing the Couch to 10K program.  I got a free app (called Zen Labs Couch to 10K) and started on Week 4.

IMG 0219

(Don’t laugh at my headphones.  I have yet to find ear buds that both fit in and don’t hurt my ears.  Believe me, I’ve tried.)

So far, the longest periods of running have only been five minutes at a time.  And as humbling as it is, that’s kind of hard.  There’s a gym fairly close to my office and as long as I keep my workouts to a half hour or less, I can fit them in during my lunch break.  Otherwise, I have to run outside when I get home from work.  It’s not the outside part that bothers me, it’s the when I get home from work.

Before Alexander was born, I thought maybe I’d run a 5K in May.  Umm, yeah, not going to happen when I think running five minutes straight is difficult.  Plus, Alexander is too small and doesn’t have enough head control for a running stroller anyway.

When I started to work out again, I tried a bunch of different things – I did the Insanity workouts with my friend/neighbor Amanda for a little bit.  I did the 30 Day Shred DVD once but ultimately, I came back to running and that’s what was easiest to stick with.  It’s not really surprising when I think about it.  Running has always been my preferred way to exercise.  Even when I hate it, I still like it.  Now if only I could run for more than five minutes at a time.

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